McCorkle, Johnson & McCoy, LLP began in 1980 as McCorkle & Pedigo. Phillip R. McCorkle and Carl S. Pedigo formed the firm with a commitment to providing exceptional, responsible and ethical legal services.

Phillip McCorkle continues to play a vital role as partner in the firm. A Vietnam War veteran, he has a B.A. degree from Armstrong College and received his J.D. from the University of Georgia Law School. Mr. McCorkle’s practice areas include real estate acquisition and development, land use and zoning, and commercial and construction law.

Carl Pedigo earned a B.A. degree from the University of Virginia and his J.D. from the University of Georgia Law School. Mr. Pedigo worked as a faculty member at the University of Georgia’s Business School for several years before relocating to Savannah to practice law. He focused on family law matters throughout his esteemed legal career, becoming one of Savannah’s most well-respected attorneys. Mr. Pedigo served as president of the Savannah Bar Family Law Section and the Savannah Bar Association.

In 1980, Mr. McCorkle and Mr. Pedigo purchased the firm’s current office building located at 319 Tattnall Street in Savannah’s historic district. Originally assembled in 1869, the building had served as a home and boarding house. By 1980 the building was in such disrepair that there was no access to the upstairs and the ground level was desolate.

Mr. McCorkle and Mr. Pedigo hired Savannah’s J.T. Turner Construction Company, Inc. to renovate the building. A top priority was to maintain the integrity and old Savannah charm that the building had once possessed. The renovations were completed in 1981, and the building has been home to the firm’s law offices ever since.

Throughout the 1980’s, the firm continued to thrive. In 1987, the firm invited David H. Johnson, an associate since 1984, to become a partner. Johnson joined the firm after completing his J.D. from the University of Georgia Law School. Mr. Pedigo left the firm in December 2006 after 30 years practicing law. In 2007, the firm officially changed its name to McCorkle & Johnson, LLP.

Currently, McCorkle, Johnson & McCoy, LLP has a strong team of seven attorneys. In addition to Mr. McCorkle and Mr. Johnson, the firm’s partners are Mathew M. McCoy and Robert L. McCorkle, III. The firm’s practice areas include real estate, land use, construction contracting, construction, condemnation and real estate litigation, association law and business/corporate law.

During its three decades, McCorkle, Johnson & McCoy, LLP has continued to be a well-respected and notable organization committed to the values set forth by its founders. For years to come, the partners and associates will continue to serve their clients and community with undeterred values and unmatched professionalism.